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Faunaverse Wins a Whitley Award!

We are very proud to announce that our second book ‘Faunaverse wildlife in poetry Tasmania’ is the recipient of the 2019 Whitley Book Award in the category of ‘Young Naturalist’. This prestigious award is granted by the Royal Zoological Society of NSW for outstanding publications that profile the unique wildlife of the Australasian region.
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Faunaverse is a place where science meets art. Storytelling has been a part of knowledge transfer over countless generations. For almost three decades, Alex Dudley has used poetry to communicate facts about the ecology and natural history of our unique Australian wildlife to people from all walks of life. His poems are entertaining, witty, memorable, and full of amazing information about the animals.
To date there are two books in the Faunaverse series:
Faunaverse Australian wildlife in poetry and Faunaverse Wildlife in poetry Tasmania. To get a sneak peek into each book, enjoy the video below.

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Faunaverse Wildlife in poetry Tasmania can also be purchased as an audio book featuring all 25 narrated poems plus 5 bonus tracks of poems transformed into catchy head bopping songs! Preview/purchase the audio book here

Enjoy this music video about Ellie the Echidna!

Did you know Wombats do square poos? We recently found out why from a conversation Alex had with a wombat on a recent walk at Cradle Mountain National Park.

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