Citizen Science Web Pages

Scientists are increasingly turning towards to the public in gathering data about our environment. Citizen Science is a huge movement that anyone can be a part of.
Here is a list of websites to visit if you wish to participate in citizen science projects that are ongoing within Australia.

The Australian Citizen Science Association
Is a member-based community that supports, informs and develops citizen science. ACSA membership is open to citizen science project managers, volunteers or anyone with an interest in citizen science.

The ASCA Project Finder
Lists every single citizen science project in Australia listed with The Australian Citizen Science Association. Find a citizen science project in your area!

The Atlas of Living Australia
The ALA is Australia’s national biodiversity database. Founded on the principle of data sharing – collect it once, share it, use it many times – the ALA provides free, online access to millions of occurrence records to form the most comprehensive and accessible data set on Australia’s biodiversity ever produced.   By aggregating biodiversity information and making it more available online, the ALA is assisting scientists, planners, managers and others to create a more detailed picture of Australia’s biodiversity. The ALA is used for research, environmental monitoring, conservation planning and management, education, and citizen science activitivities. Contribute to the Atlas of Living Australia

Report Koala Sightings
Ever wondered what you can do to save the koala?  This is it.
Become a member of KoalaTracker to search the database, view the map of sightings & zoom in to your neighbourhood, report koala sightings, view member photo albums, learn about koalas in your area and more.
You do not have to be reporting sightings to get value from this site.
Membership is free.

Is a socially networked, web-based, community, biodiversity workspace for Australia, although anyone is welcome to participate.

Canberra Nature Map
An interactive page for recording flora and fauna sightings around Canberra



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