Natural history apps

There is a fantastic range of natural history apps available to help in the identification and enjoyment of our wonderful flora and fauna. Here is a list of apps that the Faunaverse team use out in the field.:

The Michael Morcombe & David Stewart eguide to Australian Birds
Michael Morcombe’s Field Guide to Australian Birds has been called the most comprehensive field guide to Australian birds in the market today and now it is perfectly complimented by the eGuide which features:
● Over 3000 hi-res bird images covering over 790 bird species.
● Most bird species have a detailed distribution map showing any subspecies that occur.
● Detailed text descriptions of almost all bird species including songs and calls, measurements and breeding behaviour.
● Over 1800 carefully-selected and edited sound recordings for over 600 species. Many species are represented with multiple call examples showing the full range of vocalizations. Available on iOS and Android.

Snakes of Aus
Snakes of Australia is a comprehensive electronic field guide to Australian snakes. Species profiles include photos, distribution maps, description of key characters, danger rating, similar species, conservation, etymology, pronunciation and more. Introductory chapters on key aspects of identifying snakes, snake venoms and first aid, and snake biology. Available only on iOS devices.

Frogs of Australia
A comprehensive eGuide to the frogs of Australia. The app uses current Australian frog taxonomy and will be updated as new species are described. Major features include:
-profiles for all 238 Australian species.
-over 1200 high-resolution images from some of Australia’s best wildlife photographers.
-over 700 frog call sound clip. Available on iOS only.

Reptiles Guide
With the unique cascading family selection and intuitive search this reptiles app will allow anyone from beginner to expert to find what they are looking for. This app is the definitive guide to the reptiles of Australia. Sectioned into over 20 families, with a detailed description of each reptile family, this is the best guide yet to Australia’s unique reptile life.
The App features over 960 species with lively colour photographs showing them in their natural habitat. What’s more, you can add your own photos into the app to keep a record of all your own photography.
Each entry has detailed information including family, scientific name, common name, features such as measurement and a distribution feature with interactive map.
iOS only.

Spidentify-Australian spider identification
Minibeast Wildlife’s Spidentify app – the pocket field guide for parents, enthusiasts and experts alike. Available on iOS and Android

Australian Museum Mobile Apps
The Australian Museum has produced a wonderful collection of free mobile apps over the years, from field guides to games, with more to come in future. All available on iOS and Android.




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