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Cassowaries: Living proof that dinosaurs still exist!

Jasmine the Jack Jumper. These ants can jump distances of up to 76mm!

Tasmanian Native Hen. These charismatic birds have been nicknamed ‘Turbo Chooks’ for their ability to run at speeds of up to 48 kph!

Tiger Snake! Couches and fast food are more dangerous to humans than this placid snake!

Hooded Plover. This endangered species is heavily impacted by human activities. Look out for shorebirds on the beach!

Black Currawongs are endemic to Tasmania. they are a very vocal species, producing a variety of calls and they are incredibly smart and opportunistic.

Stuart the Peacock Spider!

Did you know that wombats do square poos? Alex recently found out why from a conversation he had with a wombat on a recent walk in Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania! This video won The People’s Choice award at the 2019 Cradle Mountain Film Festival.

Milena the March Fly music video!
March Flies are important native pollinators, but they have a lot of haters! Fall in love with Milena through the magic of song.

My Old Friend – the Ironbark Tree

Frillneck Lizards are famous for their spectacular displays, but in the wild you would most likely walk straight past them! (or only see their knees). Meet George the Frillneck Lizard

Spiny-tailed Geckos are a group of Australian lizards with unique strategies for predator avoidance, including camouflage and venomous tails!

Crocodiles are an important part of Australia’s tropical ecosystem. Don’t become an important part of their diet!

Helen the Huntsman. Huntsman Spiders are your friends! Please don’t kill them.

Eric the Egernia is the closest thing to a pet Jane & Alex of Faunaverse have. We love him to bits and are expecting baby Erics this year!

Sssnakes! They’re NOT trying to kill you. Learn what to do if you meet a snake in the bush.

Tasmanian Pademelons are incredibly cute and extremely common in Tassie. On the mainland they’re extinct. Mainland Australia used to have many small mammal species until the introduction of foxes. Lets hope Tasmania stays forever fox free.

Tasmanian Echidnas are much furrier (and much cuter) than their mainland cousins.

Have YOU ever heard of a planigale?
They are tiny, and so is their public profile. This poem and video aims to change that.

The Green & Gold Frog is the largest frog in Tasmania & is a threatened species.

Jane had an incredible experience snorkeling with Southern Eagle Rays in Freycinet Tasmania over summer. She created this video poem to commemorate her experience

The Decorator Crab is a master of camouflage

Ants; The original farmers. Listen to The Leafhopper’s Tale

Fruitbats (Megabats) are extremely important in Australia’s ecosystem, yet they are much maligned and are more famous for their smell and noise.
This poem is Faunaverse’s attempt to change their reputation.

Burtons Legless Lizards are extremely cool! Learny why.

Assassin Bugs are fascinating insect predators.

‘A Lizard’s Tale’ filmed in the magical Mt. Field National Park by ABC online.

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