School Safaris

Faunaverse wants to come to your School!

Most kids have an innate interest in Wildlife and nature, yet kids are spending more and more time indoors on screens and less and less time outdoors exploring the bush.

Australia is full of amazing wildlife that most people don’t even know exists! Of the 200+ Primary School kids Faunaverse has visited, not one kid knew what this native animal was.

Can you name it?


Our School Safari program is designed to educate kids about the incredible diversity of wildlife that exists in their very own backyards, and in Australia as a whole. Alex’s beautiful photographic slideshows take the children on a journey into the world of invertebrates, frogs, mammals, birds and reptiles. He has an ability to captivate kids of all ages, inspiring awe and wonder and sparking a fascination in the natural world. He uses poetry, stories and stunning photographs to interpret the world of the animals in an engaging manner.

After the photographic presentation and talk, Alex takes the kids into their school grounds with magnifying glasses on an invertebrate safari. You don’t need to travel far to find exciting, weird and wonderful critters in nature. They’re everywhere! You just need to know how to look.


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