Useful Links

Here is a collection of podcasts, blogs, Youtube channels and websites that you may find educational and interesting.

ABC Education is an invaluable resource of scientific videos and articles for kids.

Wicked Wildlife- Conservation through education : Nick is an excellent science communicator and has dozens of videos about Australia’s extraordinary wildlife.

In situ science is Faunaverse’s favourite podcast. Join Dr James O’Hanlon from UNE on his fortnightly podcast sharing the stories and discoveries of Australasian scientists.

Australia’s Science Channel is Australia’s first free and open publishing platform for science stories. On Australia’s Science Channel you’ll find compelling videos, articles, podcasts, news and events.

CSIRO Youtube channel has dozens of amazing videos. Many are related to the environment and biodiversity.

The Australian Museum website is an incredible resource for information about Australian wildlife.

Remember The Wild is Australia’s first nature engagement charity. Their website has wonderful stories, articles and videos.

Parasite of the day is a blog that looks at the sheer scale of parasite biodiversity. From parasitic wasps to plants, this blog is interesting!

Australian Science Blogs: Here is a list of Australian science blogs

Anna MacDonald: Is a biologist with interests in conservation, genetics, evolution and ecology. Anna works at ANU as project coordinator for the Oz Mammal Genomes initiative. This is her website and blog

WildlifeSNPits: “We aim to blog at the intersection of conservation and evolution. Each of our writers works in these two fields while varying in degrees, with some more focused on conservation and others evolution. Our primary aim is to discuss contemporary issues in conservation and evolution along with comments on science outreach, education, and policy as well.”

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