Faunaverse Wildlife in poetry Tasmania


By pre-ordering this book you are directly helping Faunaverse make this book a reality!
As a thank you for your support, we are offering incentives for pre-ordering:

*By pre-ordering 1 book you will receive a FREE MP3 download of all 24 poems recited by Alex & Jane
*2-4 books receive a 50% discount on purchasing an e-book copy of Faunaverse Wildlife in poetry Tasmania, or a 50% discount on 1 copy of our first book: Faunaverse-Wildlife in poetry. (in addition to the free MP3 download)
*5 or more books, receive a FREE download of the e-book version of Faunaverse Wildlife in poetry Tasmania.
(in addition to the free MP3 download).

We aim to go to print in August, so you should receive your book some time in September.

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